Finding a parking space on the Plaza remains one of Healdsburg's most elusive mysteries... finding a unicorn with a winning lottery ticket.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.


A few great reasons to catch a buzz with Healdsburg Pedicab:

Save your feet! "Wine Country Casual" is our dress code, but all that walking gets tiring.

There are no UBER or Lyft drivers in Healdsburg, and taxi wait times are often 45 minutes or longer. 

Parking on the Plaza is limited, and we'd hate to see you go home with a parking ticket as a souvenir. 

Owned & operated by a certified sommelier and hospitality veteran, we make excellent suggestions!

Reservations? Let us know in advance, and we'll schedule a pick up for you. Get more done in less time. 

We want you to enjoy yourself, but safely. Let us get you back to your hotel so you avoid a DUI.

Phone Number/email

707-696-BIKE Call or Text


Pick up/drop off RATES

$15 - $25  Per cab depending on distance


By Appointment Only

Monday-Friday 8am-3pm

Saturday-Sunday 10am-10pm


We accept cash and all major credit cards. Sorry, no checks.


Human Powered Transportation.

save your soles.  catch a buzz.

A little bit about our founder:

Andrea White (known as "Drea") has been a Healdsburg resident for more than 17 years.   

A hospitality veteran, Drea has served celebrities, winemakers, chefs, and locals for as long as she has been in Wine Country.  She is a self-taught Certified Sommelier, spent 10 years as a wine buyer in various locations (including 8 years heading up a monthly Winemaker Dinner) and has built excellent relationships with the industry's proprietors. She really knows her wine! 

So, What would prompt her to open a pedicab business?

Because she had often been told that a location was 'too far' for tourists to walk, despite it being a truly exceptional tasting room with award-winning wines just a few blocks away.

Because finding a parking spot before her evening shift as a server at Scopa was becoming increasingly more difficult.

Because she repeatedly watched intoxicated people get in their cars to drive to their next location.

Because calling a taxi in Healdsburg often required a wait time of over 45 minutes. 

You could say that Drea was fed up. 

A trip to New Orleans was the wake-up call that Drea needed to solve the transportation challenge in Healdsburg. During her visit there, the only mode of transportation that she used were pedicabs, driven by knowledgeable cycling enthusiasts who gave next-stop recommendations. As a result, she got out of the obnoxious tourists traps and into quaint, local artisan shops and restaurants that made her trip truly extraordinary.

Once back home, she dove into research, looking at more than 10 different manufacturers around the globe. She found a great pedicab that is eco-friendly, human-powered but electric motor supported, and built in the U.S.A. 

It appeared to be the ultimate solution to Healdsburg's car-congestion and transportation problem. Without missing a beat, Drea hopped on her bike, rode over to City Hall and filed her business license to become Healdsburg Pedicab, LLC.

what else should we know?

Sporting a brightly colored faux-hawk, Drea is vibrant and enthusiastic. She believes in bucking the trend, shunning the standards, and swimming against the current. Couple her bold personality with her intimate knowledge of Healdsburg's restaurants and wineries, and you've got the makings of a fabulous town guide. 

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Drea is also a bicycle aficionado. She owns a garage (and house) full of bikes, including a vintage Schwinn tandem that passers-by often try to buy from her right on the spot. She tours the valley on her road bike as often as possible. 

Let Drea and her crew take you on a ride. You'll have a great time!